Colossians 2:2; Full assurance… πληροφορίας

As we walk  in both joy and victory or in discouragement, we are often confronted with the sense of having or lacking confidence in our faith’s unseen realities.  This temperament or emotion is called “assurance” and there are two important aspects of it.  The first is reaching that place in our faith walks where we have assurance of our salvation.  While Scripture is replete with rational promises of our security in Christ (John 6 and John 10 for example), Scripture also is very specific in how assurance should make us feel.  In both Romans 8 and 1 John 3 we are reminded that if we are thankful to God for saving us (“abba father”) and if we love the brothers, we are in Christ. 1 John 5 says in these things we can know that we have eternal life.

Colossians 2:2 talks about a second aspect of assurance, an understanding and knowledge of the mystery of God (as Paul puts it, not that we know it all, but that we can know confidently what is true objectively and outside or our own internal musings).  Enter biblical Koine Greek and it’s expressivity.  The Greek work πληροφορίας (pleyrophorias) is a compound word consisting of 2 Greek root words pleyrow and phorew which mean make full and wear, implying a full embrace ie full assurance in, in this case, God’s mystery.  Paul prays that we can also have this type of assurance.  That we can objectively know and understand God’s plan.

Assurance of salvation and assurance in full knowledge forms a firm foundation for a faith based world view…


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