1 Peter 1:23-25; more on Word theology

The complete picture of the influence of the word in our lives is encapsulated in these verses.  In verse 23 the word (logos) of God is “living and enduring” and has caused us to
be “born again”.    The referent here is clearly the word as the person of Christ at work in our lives.  In verse 25, word (rema) also endures forever and is preached.  The referent here is the spoken and proclaimed word/message as in the gospel.  These verses show 2 of the 3 components of what Karl Barth calls “the 3 fold component of the word of God”…the word revealed (vs 23) and the word preached (vs 25).  The word written (not referred to here but see also Hebrews 4:12) is the 3rd component of the word of God.

This picture is a nice balance.  It is easy to lose sight of the power of the living Christ in our lives when we focus on grammar (written word) or personalities (preaching word) too heavily.  The purpose of the grammar and syntax of the bible and the proclaimed word of God from the pulpit is to create in us a spirit ready to encounter and be moved  by the living Christ.  May we strive to be open in this regard.


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