Zechariah 3:8-10: Messiah the servant branch and His ministry of redemption is prophesied

The vision continues and Zechariah is now watching the person in that vision, Joshua the high priest, being admonished by the Lord.  Joshua is told the “friends who are sitting in front of you”(possibly, “those standing” from previously as witnesses or more likely a new group of people in need of redemption from Messiah the Branch) are “symbols” as to the effect of the ministry of the Servant Branch upon them.   This message is so important that in the vision it was inscribed on a 7 eyed stone.  And what is this important ministry?  Namely that the people in this vision, symbolic for all people of the earth who have believed (“friends” vs 8)…believing Jews and Gentiles, will have their sins forgiven “in one day” and invited to “sit under the fig tree” in fellowship.

This is profound.  This vision is showing us that once for all (presumably as Christ defeated death, rose from the dead, was seated at the right hand of God) the ministry of Messiah the servant branch forgives and renews those who believe.  The event, being prophesied here and now realized in the resurrection of Jesus Messiah is the promise of our salvation set in history, planned from eternity and brought to fruition by the sovereign God of the universe.


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