Standing in the faith gap

Zechariah, a book from the Old Testament of the Bible, is a great reminder from the Lord that He is faithful and present in our times of personal struggle.  Just as the nation of Israel was rebuilding their faith life during Zechariah’s time, so to we can find ourselves in those same types of faith rebuilding times.  In chapters 9-11 we see an example of a burden the nation carried, living in that place between the now of faith struggle and the not yet of God’s promise and reward.  What provides us with the strength to get through this “gap”?  Chapters 9-11 remind us that God is faithful in bringing the promised messiah and good shepherd, He is faithful in giving us the latter rains of rejuvenation and He preserves His remnant.  While it is sometimes hard to wait for the fulfillment of the promise, He does not leave us standing without hope.


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