Justice or wisdom?

The book of Job in the Bible offers an amazing perspective into the life circumstances of a godly person struggling with difficult circumstances.  So often, and understandably so, we ask God “why” events are happening to us.  The why question implies that somehow God is obligated to reconcile our perception of  an injustice against His immutable attribute of justice in any situation.  Job is no exception.  As a righteous and God fearing believer, he led a blessed life until it was challenged by hardship.  During that hardship he challenged God’s justice and was chastised by his friends for doing so.  In chapters 27 and 28 then again in chapters 33 and 34 we learn through the life of Job that difficult events in our lives are not always an expression of retribution or God’s judgement as a manifestation of His justice towards us (which was what Job was trying to understand) but can also be a display of His sovereign control of events (actively or passively) which leads us to a fear of God and ultimately allows Him to teach us wisdom (28:28).  Job wanted to know “why”, God wanted to teach “what” and that “what” is what can bring us into a deeper spiritual walk with Him.


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