Novel and Exciting Molecular Approaches to Fighting Cancer

Here are some exciting new approaches to cancer treatment. Molecular biology has stared to move from toxic chemotherapy that functions as a “biological nuclear explosion” in the body, wiping out everything (cancer and non cancer cells) in its path, to an elegant use of molecular techniques to specifically target cancer cells with the body’s own immune system. 3 of these techniques include checkpoint inhibition (making a molecule that blocks a cancer cell’s ability to shut off the immune system from recognizing it…these are the “ib” molecules), antibody manipulation (making an antibody that inhibits a tumor’s vascular supply or binds to a tumor like a red flag so the T cells can capture it…these are the “ab” molecules) and neo antigen vaccine development (where a vaccine is developed to stimulate one’s own immune system to attach to the tumor cells in the same way a vaccine is used in an infection). While these approaches are not without toxicity, their potential is much greater, as their development is perfected, to fight malignancy. See the 2 attached articles from JAMA and Nature.


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