CS Lewis, transposition and my hope for heaven

I found this picture on unsplash which captures the visual Lewis was trying to describe in his essay on transposition, hence the reblog.

The Living Word

Photo by Lysander Yuen on Unsplashlysander-yuen-288916-unsplash.jpgIn his essay, Transposition, CS Lewis writes of a “continuity problem” between the natural life and the spiritual life.  How much of the natural life forms our desire for the spiritual (what he calls reasoning from below, a reasoning which skeptics use to show the unreality of the spiritual and point to the Christian hope as “wishful thinking” or as a “crutch” to make it through this “natural” life) OR how much of a spiritual reality informs our natural life (what he calls reasoning from above, a reasoning which gives glimpses of a spiritual reality which create our legitimate hope for the beyond as we live natural lives).   This problem can be approached through the idea of transposition.  In transposition from below, Lewis states that “the brutal man never can by analysis find anything but lust in love” or “[the physiologist] can never find anything in thought but the twitchings of grey matter”. …

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